Organic extra virgin olive oil


big-crete-eve-slideEve Crete organic olive oil of high quality from Crete Greece. It is obtained directly from hand picked, sustainably grown and organic olives.
No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used at all stages of production. Eve Crete has a fruity, intact flavor and superb color, maintaining all the valuable components of natural olive juice.organic-oil1

The // EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL EXCELLENT QUALITY // produced organically, from trees that grow in the Cretan land to the south of the prefecture of Heraklion, between the mountain range of Psiloritis, the valley of Messara and the Sierra Asterousia in soil healthy with mild winter sunshine throughout the year, away from any contamination or pollution form (no cultivation of vegetables greenhouses or car traffic) area which meets all the conditions for producing high quality olive oil with a special flavor unique perfumes and extremely low acidity 0.32%.

Olive trees are cultivated with respect, care, love and expertise, under personal work and special care, such as pruning, organic fertilizing, picking, supervision at the time of harvesting and extraction and more generally in compliance with all organic conditions, to maintain all nutritional and organoleptic elements of olive oil.

For fertilizer used animal manure from the mountain to the epoulosi after pruning tree wounds sprayed with copper sulphate and to fight the olive fruit fly, fitted summer biological traps in trees.

The expression is the same day of collection. The excellent condition of the fruit during harvesting, are completely controlled crushing and oil extraction conditions employed during the production of olive oil make it an excellent quality and one of the finest olive oils, with an intense aroma agouroelias, fresh spiciness, green color, with extremely low acidity and keeping all the nutritional and organoleptic elements when it arrives at your table.

359- 2454At the time of extraction  tanks that meet the hygiene and food safety, as guaranteed optimal precautionary conditions and the oil service, located in the basement, to remain the quality characteristics and which remains for about two months until become precipitation components of olives, calm and gain clarity and then be standardized and offered you a high quality olive oil. The standardization is in ISO certified in conformity with international standards with facilities that meet all quality standards.

By standardizing olive oil is not filtered.
The annual production of extra virgin olive oil is limited, throughout that because organic farming does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that yes will hand make greater production, but not the quality.





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