ordersOlive oil thanks to its richness in monounsaturated oleaginous acids,
· helps in vitamins absorption from our system,
· stipulates in the reduction of oxidation of oleaginous tissues of our body
· slackens the caducity, stipulates in cholesterol control
· has a positive impact against the sclerosis of arteries
· helps the peptic cankers, reduces dyspepsia
· helps the good function of the bowels,
· averts the creation of bile-stones
· and also has an anticancer action.
Our company cares for chemical controls that allow selecting the best quality of olive oil and also maintaining the essence and its color as it comes from the olive tree."Helios" standardizes "the finest pure olive oil", "pure olive oil" and "olive oil' in packaging of five, two, one, half and a quarter liters.

During the sixties, Cretans were the most long-lived people of the White race. At that time, they were taking 30 % of their calories only from the olive oil. Two decades ago they lost this advantage since they stopped consuming the same quantities of olive oil. The biological value of the olive oil has been confirmed by a number of medical researches:
· It noticeable reduces the levels of the most dangerous "fraction" of the "bad" cholesterol against 20% if it replaces all the oleaginous of the nutrition.
· It noticeable reduces the high blood pressure.
· It prevents the stone configuration in the bile, while it eases the mobility of the gallbladder.
· It is challenging the "atonal constipation" of the overage people
And helps in the rehabilitation of depletion after diarrheas that are due to the high receipt of antibiotics.

It is good and healthy to use olive oil, in spite of some opposite opinions that are heard. Oil becomes unhealthy when it fries, but from all frying oil (seed oil) the olive oil is harder ravaged. However, the oil of the frying pan should not be overused. We should fry in a temperature of 180-190 C or as soon as the oil starts to "fumigate". In this temperature the olive oil is harder ravaged, while it is easier for all the other kind of seed oils.
Furthermore in this temperature an external crust is created in all frying food, fish - vegetables - French fries etc., with the result to be lighter, healthier and not to give us a lot of fat. Moreover, this hard external crust that is created, prevents the juices of the food to go away, and the food can be fried remaining the nutritious ingredients, be delicious and fluffy.


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